Saturday, May 14, 2005

Social Status

Do you believe in social status? There's the book 'Status Anxiety',
people are having quarter-life crises, everything is going pear-shaped
in society. What's the deal?

I was thinking about Rank, or status a couple of moments ago and
thought I might do a little entry about it. I mean, anything to avoid
studying. Then again, it's a quarter past midnight on a friday
night/saturday morning. Shouldn't I have something better to do
anyway? Probably not.

Just checked out some of my account details over on Experts Exchange. I'm
ranked number 31,403. Impressive or what! Not.

I've been experimenting with optimized blog settings on one of my
other blog's Bloody
. I haven't as yet changed any of the templates on any of
the blog's I admin, which I suppose is disappointing, but hopefully
once I've got the exams out of the way I'll start with the

Got alot of bookmarks accumulating that I'll have to take a look at
after the exams are over. Till next time, stay slick.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

False Evidence Appears Real

FEAR - that's what the above stands for.

15 days remain until my first exam. That's two weeks if I take a day
off. Bummer. There's gonna be a whole lotta study done between now
and then. I've already started too! That's a huge surprise.

I don't feel any pressure, in fact, I'm probably too relaxed about the
whole thing...

If I glance over to my bag on the floor there's a shape about the
thickness of two reams of paper in it. That's all of this years
notes. Too damn many if you ask me. I'd love to restructure the
course I'm doing. I mean, anything I remember from college is usually
programming stuff, things I've actually hands on programmed or
modified, not any of the academic stuff I've been asked to learn.

I'd love to set up a new computing institute (kinda like that 'hacker'
one they opened in the states) and have everything coursework and
practically based.

On with the study. Till next time.

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