Monday, June 27, 2005

Selective writing

I realised recently that I'm not completely honest in posting. I reckon it's part of the fact that this blog is entirely public and that I don't necessarily need everyone and anyone knowing my business.

Anyway, enough introspection. The linux box I had set up the other day was running the presentation too slow, so today I was set the task of giving it a little speedup and then setting up vnc. UUUUGHGHGHHHH!! Spent the morning trying to get the thing working. Eventually got the IP address sorted, ssh & vnc working locally, but not much else. Ended up giving up performance and linuxy goodness to have something running. (NT is a behemoth compared to linux...) I have vowed to get the linux box up and running again though. I have to say, I quite like Fedora Core, coming from Slackware it's quite user-friendly, more bells and whistles rather than harsh (but lovable) text-based config screens.

Got paid today. If I can make the last paycheck from the old job last until next month I should have a car by August. Now I need to book the Driver Theory Test and get the provisional before I find out how much I'm going to be taken for on insurance, tax etc. Going to Portumna next weekend and possibly going to have a look at some cars while there.
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