Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Welcome back...

And so it begins. Final Year. Thirteen hours of lectures for 18 weeks. One final year project. Four exams. Then freedom from college, and into the shackles of the ratrace. I think it's a fundamentally flawed attitude that we should have to work till 65 or later. You know why people used to work that long? Mostly because they either didn't make it that far, or didn't live much longer after retirement (therefore not being a burden upon their family etc). But that's bullsh*t. Not how I'm going to do things thank you very much. If I work that long, I'll live doing something I love.

Been working on that reading list. In the middle of Hackers: Heroes of the Computer Revolution by Steven Levy. Very interesting read, everything from Spacewars in MIT to the formation of Apple Computer Inc. Left it in college last night, so I picked up another book that had been in the pile Mitch Albom's Five People You Meet in Heaven. A very easy read. Well thought out and written. I'd call it a pageturner save for the fact that every other person describing a book uses that phrase. It's a good book, put it that way.

Feels strange being back in college. Every year up to now we've had between 20 and 25 hours lecture time a week. Only thirteen this year. Spending time in the society room when I'm not in lectures. Thinking of purchasing a laptop, so I can get work done while in the room.

...and that.
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