Thursday, April 28, 2005

Panorama of the End Times

Exams are coming! Feck!!

Got the elusive bicycle pump attachment yesterday. Found out why they were so hard to track down too (seemingly, the company that imports them liquidated recently). Gonna cycle to work at the weekend.

Finished the software engineering project. Was quite basic & lacked major functionality. Hopefully a pass though. Didn't get any SWT done for it, but have been following the SWT intro course from the University of Manitoba. I like SWT, although the size of the jar file gets quite large when you include the SWT by default.

Sorted the stack of notes that had been sitting by the door of my bedroom for the past while. I thought it was this years notes, possibly combined with some of last years. Turned out I had notes from the very first day of first year of college in there too, along with bills and some other nastiness.

Felt good getting things done. I'm going to start studying tomorrow. Exam timetable should be published either by the end of this week or early next week. Roll on!

Monday, April 25, 2005

The neverending quest for a bicycle pump attachment.

Worked this weekend. With more success than last weekend. Only made it in for three hours Saturday last weekend and had to leave. Spent Sunday and Monday in bed feeling vile.

The ongoing quest for a bicycle pump attachment is annoying but fun. If you know what I mean. The hardware shop near work is closed at the weekend. The local hardware shop only had the attachment for racer (track) bikes. No good to me. The toy shop, which used to sell bikes but now doesn't, doesn't have them (not actually that surprising). One helpful person told me I could cycle down to the bike shop on the way to work. Yeah, I saw her point immediately. Why would I be looking for a pump attachment otherwise?! I'll probably stop by the bike shop when I've the chance. The really ironic thing is, once I get the tire's reinflated I have to cycle down to the bike shop anyway to get the gears fixed on the darn thing!!!!

Have been thinking more about the FY options. Probably going to pick CG & Mobile Comms. The prospect of messing around with phones in engineering mode is pretty cool.

Was talking to charles about the CG option. He seems to be interested in what it's comprised of. He told me that Buzz was going to be doing a vtm series on creating a crowd generation app using OpenGL. I'm well interested. It might be interesting to do a final year project along those lines...

Totally failed to get the point of Test Driven Development for the project due tomorrow until an hour or so ago. After I had written the code. Still have Unit tests to write, a report to produce and I need to clean up the source tree. Didn't attempt a GUI. My exploration of SWT proved to be very interesting though. I'll prolly keep that up over the summer. I'll also need to produce an ant buildfile. All this for a little under 11 hours time?

Good times, good times...
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