Friday, May 06, 2005

Under Pressure

The Final Year Project options came out today. Some lecturers filled their quota of 4 students within a couple of hours. So that means some of the easier/more interesting projects have been taken.

I've got three options I'm considering at the moment. I won't tell until I get confirmation on a project though. Just in case...

It's a bit annoying that we've to make this choice now. It essentially sets a career path up or else will prove to be a setback if you happen to pick the wrong choice for yourself. One decision, many consequences.

They haven't announced whether or not all of the final year options will be taught next year yet. Typical Trinity though, keep the students in the dark for as long as possible, then f them over.

20 days remain.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Cram Session Rising

I put my Final Year Options form into the CS office yesterday. Put CG first, Mobile Comms second and Internet Apps third. I didn't bother filling in any of the others. Some of the other options were just too hard to place before each other. By rights, I should have marked all of the rest with an eight.

Printed off the exam papers today. 22 days till my exams start. Yipee! I see a Cram Session Rising.

Was reading some of the blogger hacks. Quite nice. Considering writing a fictional blog as a kind of sub-real-time novella. Think of it as 24 in blog form. (Although, not on the same topic at all).

Anyway, off to print some notes & really begin the cramming.

Monday, May 02, 2005

A Productive Weekend all round

I love long weekends! The mayday weekend especially. In the same weekend you get the first day of summer, Monday off from college/work/whatever & alot of things done!

I cycled to work on Saturday & Sunday. Oiled up the gearing system and the gears stopped 'skipping'. Charles suggested that the reason they were skipping is because the chain twists when there's no oil on it. Had to buy a mudgaurd for the back wheel because my arse & back were soaked on Saturday morning when it was raining.

Drilled the wall and hung the mount for my punching bag this afternoon. Couldn't resist giving it a try, so I wrapped up my hands and had a bit of a boxing session. Must go back kickboxing this summer.

Got an email from Ciarsie there today. He put up some photo's with comments from NYC and Karen's 21st. Funny as hell.

Anyway, my exams start in 24 days. Yay!!
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