Monday, November 07, 2005

Podcasting, kickboxing, podboxing...

College is going well. Can't say that I'm finding anything too difficult just yet, but I've the feeling there'll be some nasty surprises in store soon enough.

Got the hallowe'en project finished for CG (a pumpkin in a scary movie, modelled in 3dsMAX). Put alot of effort into the model but unfortunately the movie itself was lacking...

Here's the wireframe view:

And a rendered still:

The final year project I'm going to be doing is called Pooh Mail. Sounds kinda funky, doesn't it? It's basically a SPAM honey pot style system. Hopefully will be writing a plugin to Mozilla Thunderbird as part of it. Doing some research on POP and IMAP for it at the moment.

Have been down to kickboxing again after a two year hiatus. Procrastination really got the better of me with it. Good to be down again. The soreness is actually quite cool, it makes me feel like I've been doing something worthwhile. Been running once a week aswell.

I'm currently also looking at getting into either podcasting or vidcasting. Potentially going to do some sort of computer tutorial vidcast using CamStudio. Probably similar in style to the VTM's at 3dbuzz, but with different content obviously.

...and that

[Edited: Added some images of my max model...]
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