Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Fitzpatricks Hotels "Joy of Summer" Competition

First off, full disclosure, although I work in the Travel trade I am in no way associated with Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel. To be honest, after seeing their latest marketing ploy make its way to my inbox I wouldn't want to be either.

The above image was attached to the following email:

"Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Fitzpatrick Castle Hotel has great news for you...

To celebrate the launch of its wonderful Summer Break Packages, we would like to treat you to a wonderful weekend of luxury.

You and a friend will enjoy :

- a 2 night stay in a Luxurious Suite

- wine & chocolates on arrival

- a sumptuous dinner in one of Fitzpatricks Award-Winning restaurants


- a wonderful relaxtion treatment of choice in our Treatment Rooms

To indulge yourself in this weekend away, all you have to do is:

Simply send this email to 8 friends and cc by Monday, June 15th for your chance to enjoy a relaxing weekend away.

Please see our Summer Break Packagesn Attached to forward to your 8 friends"

Essentially what they've done is ask 1 person to give up 9 email addresses in order to win a competition. So what do they do with the email addresses after that? I can guess, I'm sure you can too.

I suppose this just gives them more publicity though, doesn't it... *sigh*
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