Saturday, August 06, 2005

Ryan's Rules

Rule Number Two: There are three things in life. You. The people in your reality. The things you do. The second two aren't even that important.

[Edited 23:54 03/09/2005: typo, thanks abigail...]

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

My reading list is growing

Well it is. I've been downloading marketing books, stuff on css/xhtml, gathering tutorials for photoshop etc, and generally trying to learn a lot in a small space of time. I've also been writing tutorials and tips 'n' tricks for the knowledge base on dodublin.

Things I still need to do are:

  1. get a comprehensive list of sites and directories to add dodublin to once it goes live

  2. develop a template for the existing content on dodublin

  3. decide what conventions to use in reviews etc on the site

  4. get the site up and running (even if only in a dreaded 'beta' form

Something inside me tells me to steer clear of a 'beta' site. I won't go off on one about publishing a beta site, but it has become all too commonplace for mainstream sites to add a beta tag to their banner/logo/whatever to compensate for poor or untested design. What happened to standards?

In a related side-note, I downloaded excerpted chapters from Zeldman's Web Standards Book. Looks to be quite good. Now if I could only find time to read it...

...and that.
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