Wednesday, February 08, 2006

he who desires but acts not, breeds pestilence

It seems I've been breeding pestilence for quite some time now then, isn't that right Mr. Blake [].

I've let so many things fall by the wayside while complaining, moaning and ranting. Something needs to change. I think that'll be my attitude then.

Rag Week was a bit of a rager last week. Did a load with the SF Soc [] (that's SciFi, not Sinn Fein). Completely messed up my biological clock. I thought today was Monday earlier for some reason.

Been getting into more online stuff. Signed up for Bebo [], got Skype [] installed, opened a flickr account []. So with all of this activity, I got to thinking. What does the irish blogosphere look like?

Luckily, there are guys far more interested in this and far more gifted with the aul coding than I am. Check out the POTB interlink utility [ WARNING: JAVA-enabled]. Here's the paltry image one sees when they load up the interlink for this site:

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