Wednesday, July 27, 2005 and other news

finally got hosting sorted for dodublin. went through cgchannel. if you visit their site, don't forget to take a look at the preview and interview on Prey Alone. they basically resell for Solutions Sherweb, a Canadian based firm. still waiting for DNS to propagate though, so you'll get a host not found if you try to visit.

gonna work up a design in the next week or two. already have the starting content and some extraneous stuff that I may set up a dev subdomain for.

work's going well. got an email from paddy the other day, he seems to be in crackin' form. must send him an email.

still working on that database system in work. downloaded swt designer. pretty sweet, but I only registered for the free version. no way am I paying $199 for something like that.

looking into getting either a dual cpu or dual-core system by the end of september. also on the 'to get' list are a printer, scanner and either paint shop pro or photoshop elements. gonna offer services from dodublin seperate from the site itself.

next steps with dodublin are probably registering as sole trader (unlimited liability company) and registering a trademark or two. copyright should hold me over in the meantime.

attended the sfsoc meeting there on monday. some good plans for freshers week. i'll leave it there for the moment.
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