Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bank of Ireland Credit Card charges

So I'm looking at my credit card bill last month wondering 'How the hell did it get to be that much again?' and I'm about to throw out the insert that the bank sent with it... (which I usually do, they're always sending some crap advertisements with the bill) but this time I don't. For some reason, my roving eye has seen the words 'Charges' and '1st March 2007'.

So I read the leaflet, which is ambiguous at best, but seems to intimate to me (as much as an inanimate piece of paper can...) that I will be charged €3.80 for the first sheet and €2.50 for each subsequent sheet for my credit cards bills from 1st March 2007. '€3.80,' I said to myself, 'Are they high?'

So I rang Card Services (1890 251 251) to find out what the deal was. Turns out, the charge isn't for monthly Credit Card bills, but only for reprints... Niceone.

As for the other thing (huge cc bills), I'm going to pull an Eddie Hobbs on the thing: Take it out of my wallet and only use for essential purchases. We'll see how much of a bill there is next month ;)

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