Sunday, January 22, 2006

It's getting scary now

There's only seven weeks of lectures left this year for me. Which leaves me with a final year project and four exams between now and the real world. That's scary.

I seem to have been groomed for procrastination in college. I'm going to place the blame for that on my own shoulders. In addition to my final year project, I've got a graphics project (some more MAX & some OpenGL), a webservice for distributed systems and a data mining project for information management. I could have had all of these finished over christmas and left myself plenty of time to get ontop of my final year project. However, not all doom & gloom. The graphics project is mostly done, I've made a good start on the webservice, but I haven't done anything much with the java code for infoman. I'm finding it difficult, once again, to be motivated by college.

On a different note, I noticed that there's no real definite frequency to my posts here . I feel better about having removed the ads from the site, they just added clutter. I've also put a little thought into a new template but as of yet nothing has been put onto paper...

Prey Alone was shown earlier on RTE2. I had been wanting to see this short for a while. It did not disappoint. Hopefully it's an example of just what the irish cg market can become. All plot points and physics flaws aside, some totally surreal animation going on there. The full film can be downloaded from

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