Sunday, July 09, 2006

New job, new dawn...

Started the new job on Wednesday morning. Not too hectic at the moment but I'm expecting the workload to rise significantly next week. Nothing I won't be able to handle though. 'Hot-desking' at the moment, waiting for a desk to become available for me, once I've a desk of my own I'll buy a potted plant and bring in some photographs etc.

Working as a contractor is quite the experience. I've been blogging about it over at The Sole Trader Blog. Not as difficult as I had expected. A little more thought needs to go into it than working as a PAYE employee but it's well worth it.

Thinking I'll have to start investing in property and shares soon enough. Considering pensions at the moment also. I reckon these are things that are probably better dealt with sooner rather than later. A decent stock and property portfolio could make me more money than annual salary in the future...

Sorting out the provisional license at the moment too. Oasis is a great online resource, you can even request the forms to be posted out to you online here...

...and that
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