Saturday, April 23, 2005

Final Year Options

That's right folks, presuming I get my exams this year, next year will be my Final Year. Ever. After that, I will (by law) no longer be allowed to exist. It's a pity. I haven't even released my first project on the internet...

Anyway, Thursday & Friday had me attending two lectures specifically about the Final Year options for our course next year. In all, there's eight options available to ICT students and twelve available to CS students. The b**tards!

Among the eight I can choose from are:

  1. Artificial Intelligence II - Saturnino Luz

  2. Advanced Databases & Information Systems

  3. Computer Graphics & Virtual Reality

  4. Computer Vision

  5. Mathematical Modelling

  6. Systems Modelling & Specification

  7. Mobile Communications

  8. Internet Applications

So far, my three top preferences are CG, Mobile Comms and Internet Apps. I'm not quite sure if I want to do Mobile Comms or Internet Apps, but I definitely want to do the CG option. They're gonna offer courses based upon numbers of students applying for each. I hope that there's enough people for them to offer the CG option. Among the things taught in that course are OpenGL programming & 3dsMAX. Since Charles is into that sort of stuff & he's got all the 3DBuzz sorta stuff, I should have a little bit of a helping hand along with that.

I've got till the 5th of May to submit my choice. Pretty soon so. Only a coupla weeks left in term. Bummer. Gonna be the long hard road outa hell for this years exams I think.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

C'mon guys, lets stop the charade, it was grey smoke

I don't really care that there's a new pope. I'm posting about it anyway though, aren't I?

Well no actually. That was just to tease you into reading this post.

I've decided to tackle the '101 books' list over the summer, give the price of each book & the value I thought it had (from reading it), the total satisfaction rating will therefore be based upon the handy formula: (Price of Book) - (Perceived value). Each time a book is finished I'll publish it's results, followed by the current total satisfaction value. Somewhat like Dave Gorman's Happiness meter (I can't remember the exact name for it, but it was in the show where he followed his horoscope & his mate didnt & they compared their happiness...).

I could even expand it into a site of its own, letting people suggest books, rate them, for a period of time (like a month or two), then read & rate them, use an average cost for the book based on aggregate figures & every year publish a total figure (positive or negative)... It's an idea I may have to look into.

That's enough of me writing stuff then elipses though. Till next time.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Do you respect other people's passwords?

Today I was sitting in the computer lab in college. I was going between doing some code for a project, creating a PowerPoint presentation for HCI and some other things. After I got an email, I decided to update A Couple of Donkeys with some pertinent information that had been pointed out to me.

So, everyone knows that to update your blog you need to login. Right? Anyway, I was about halfway through typing in my password when I noticed that the girl sitting next to me was snooping, looking at the keys I hit while typing in my password. I rotated my head to look at her. She looked away quickly. How annoying is that? I've had to change my password now because of that snoopy-nose *****.

What's wrong with people these days that they've got to know everything. Even things which don't concern them in the least. GRRRR!!!! Get's right up my nose.

In other developments, we've added a new contributor to A Couple of Donkeys. We'll prolly have to change the subtitle from 'Viral Media Exposed' but I hope that the new direction the 'blog takes will prove to be interesting.

Watch this space for another exciting post, same bat time, same bat place, tomorrow or the next day.
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