Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ryan's Rules

Rule Number Twenty-two: Technology won't take care of your problems, but the right people with the right technology can!

Monday, August 21, 2006


Dublin Crime is the latest in mashup technology. It utilises Google Maps, RTE news reports and crime information to give a tally of all the murders (both Gang related and otherwise) in the Dublin area of Ireland.

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5 Things you probably don't recycle, but should!

1. Tea/coffee grounds. Good for your soil, place them in a compostor (or just toss them into the flower bed in your garden)... Tea in bags? No problem, tear open the bag, toss the tea and recycle the paper casing in your paper recycle bin.

2. Toilet/kitchen roll innards. Put 'em in your paper recycling bin!

3. Vegetable/fruit peelings. If you don't have a compostor, make or buy one immediately. You can stand to cut down on the waste produced by your household and you can also benefit from having fresh (and natural) compost when it comes to doing your garden in the spring.

4. Paper printed on one side. Ok, so this one is more of a reuse before recycling... Simply gather any paper you've printed out and are about to discard (ie printed website pages, c.v.'s or essays with typo's etc) and stack them somewhere you'll have easy access to them. Next time you need paper for a shopping list or todo list or whatever, you'll have a handy supply! Once done, toss 'em in the paper recycle bin.

5. Finally, instead of throwing out your old computers (now against WEEE Waste Regulations in European states) recycle them. Do a search for your nearest computer recycling/reclamation plant. Alternatively, find out if local charities/churches/friends/whatever have a use for them...

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